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One of the two main areas of our activity is comprehensive IT support and management of IT systems – IT outsourcing. This includes designing and building IT systems, providing hardware, software and consumables, all indispensable for system working. Customer’s satisfaction corresponding to the level of service and quality of solutions provided is a key issue for our company.

Wide specialization

We specialise in serving a wide range of companies – including multi-level corporations where it is necessary to maintain homogeneous standards for every company within such corporations. Moreover, we render services for accounting agencies, training centres, legal offices, architectural studios, design studios, production and trade companies, service companies and many others. Our service embraces solutions compatible with company business profile.

Computer networks, security and VPN

We implement distributed IT infrastructure based on Virtual Private Network (VPN), fiber wire, radio and different solutions. Additionally, we deliver technical support for company telephone network.

Advisory services

IT advisory services is a result of our long-term operating in the IT sector. Our services are applicable at the stage of designing the ICT system and, when optimizing and implementing new solutions in existing IT systems. In the process of designing ICT systems we use the best possible technologies that meet technical requirements. At the same time, we take into consideration limited funds assigned to a particular project. Every solution is personalised and based on our long-term operation on IT market.

IT projects

Our company carries out projects related to IT systems designing, including computer networks designing which is another field of our business activity; thanks to the highly-qualified specialists and up-to-date hardware we use in our work, we carried out numerous projects, including those technologically and technically complex, for instance, projects conducted in untypical localizations such as palaces, hotels or huge office buildings.

Hardware and software distribution

We provide our Customers with hardware, software and consumables; we deliver all these components to the Customers. What is important, we are able to provide software of almost every producer, including Microsoft, Symantec, Kaspersky, Asseco, Enova, Raks, Optima, Autodesk. Our experience enables us to match proper software and hardware solution with special requirements. We are able to support the implementation of any kind of IT system.

Used hardware

Besides new hardware, we deliver after leasing hardware with warranty. Often our guarantee works better than factory warranty of known manufacturers. Also used equipment is much cheaper than a new and in many instances satisfies the relevant requirements.

Telephone networks

Our company delivers service in implementation and technical support for company telephone network. We build systems that are based on Platan, Slican, Panasonic digital switches, including telephone systems based on Voice over IP (VoIP). We provide services to older systems; both digital and analog. We use hardware of domestic producers (Platan, Slican), as well as more corporation-oriented: Cisco, Linksys and others depending on requirements.


Our experience goes back to the beginning of 90’s – the beginning of present-day IT systems, and for this reason we have the necessary knowledge as to the grounds of today’s IT systems operation - connecting it with profound knowledge of current IT solutions results in facilitated solving most IT problems in companies we work for.

For many years of our business activity we have gathered knowledge and experience giving us the opportunity to solve almost every IT problem that may occur in your company.

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