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Creating, implementing and administrating web applications is a natural continuance of IT service (outsourcing IT). In order to meet our Customers’ expectations we offer building centralized CRM and ERP systems, especially internet systems and applications. Such applications can support company statutory operations as well as implementation of specific project enabling work with internet access from any place. Our products are fully integrated, which means that different solutions are compatible with each other. This is significant in case of connecting many systems or building systems where particular data overlap.

The applications can store data from Customer’s distributed applications within one system. This solution allows our Customers to monitor current condition of the company and, thanks to system integrity, run a company more efficiently. Integrating systems within one system gives even more advantages: the Customer has the opportunity to use many specialised applications – every single application works optimally on particular task and the results can be gathered within one integrated system where further data processing can be carried out.

Aside from complexity of a project our products are intuitive in use. While designing a particular system we take into account the needs of Customers and final users.


There are plenty of common solutions that meet the Customer’s selected needs on the IT market, however, it usually means the system is huge and, implementation and operation costs are very high, yet, the user convenience leaves a lot to be desired.

The main goal as to creating every single application is to meet any requirements indicated by the Customers and answer their needs – this makes our products intuitive and simple in use.

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